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coupling agent

Overview of coupling agents:

In plastic mixing, a plastic additive that improves the interfacial properties of synthetic resins and inorganic fillers or reinforcing materials. Also known as surface modifier. In the process of plastic processing, it can reduce the viscosity of synthetic resin melt, improve the dispersion of filler to improve the processing performance, and then make the products obtain good surface quality and mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

The dosage is generally 0.5-2% of the dosage of fillers. The coupling agent is generally composed of two parts: one is inorganic group, which can interact with inorganic fillers or reinforcing materials; the other is organic group, which can interact with synthetic resin.

Chinese Name: coupling agent

Foreign name: combining real

Molecular structure: different chemical properties in molecules

Classification: chromium complex, silanes, titanates, glass fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastics

Type: plastic mixing

Main uses of coupling agent:

In reinforced plastics, a chemical substance that can improve the interface adhesion between resin and reinforced material.

At the interface between the resin matrix and the reinforcement material, a strong binding substance is promoted or established.

Note: the coupling agent can be applied to the reinforcing material or added to the resin, or both.

Application fields and main functions:

Glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic: improve the wet physical and mechanical strength, wet electrical properties of composite materials, and improve the clustering, protection and processing technology of glass fiber.

Adhesives and coatings: improve the adhesion and weather resistance under wet state, improve pigment dispersion, improve wear resistance and cross-linking of resin.

Casting: improve the strength of resin sand. To achieve high and low gas generation.

Rubber: improve the mechanical strength, wear resistance, wet electrical properties and rheological properties of products.

Sealant: improve the adhesion of wet state, improve the dispersion of filler and wear resistance of products.

Textile: make textile soft and plump, improve its water resistance, and adhesion to dyes.

Printing ink: improve the wettability of adhesion.

Filler surface treatment: improve the compatibility, wettability and dispersion of filler and resin.

Crosslinked polyethylene: used to strengthen the strength of crosslinked polyethylene cable and hot water pipe. Durability and service life.


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