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Fluorine surfactant

Overview of fluorosurfactants:

Fluorinated surfactant (FSA) is a kind of surfactant, which can be called either fluorocarbon surfactant or fluorocarbon surfactant. It is a kind of surfactant with fluorocarbon chain as non-polar group, that is to say, the fluorine atom partially or completely replaces the hydrogen atom on the hydrocarbon chain. The unique properties of fluorocarbon surfactants can be summarized as "three high" and "two abominations", that is, high surface activity, high heat resistance stability and high chemical stability. Its fluoroalkyl group is both hydrophobic and oil repellent. It is widely used in fire control, chemical industry, pesticide, mineral processing, papermaking, leather, textile and other fields.

The unique properties of fluorine surfactants are related to the properties of fluorine atom and carbon fluorine bond. First, because fluorine is the most electronegative element, the bond energy of C-F bond is very high. Secondly, the covalently bonded fluorine atom has a larger radius than the hydrogen atom, which can effectively protect the perfluorinated C-C bond. Therefore, fluorine surfactants have high thermal and chemical stability.

The surface tension of its aqueous solution is usually lower than 20Mn / m, and it can not only reduce the surface tension of water, but also the surface tension of oil.

This kind of surfactant has stable chemical properties and is resistant to acid, alkali and high temperature. It can be used as an oil fire extinguishing agent and to inhibit the evaporation of water and oil. The commonly used fluorine surfactants are sodium perfluorooctanoate, sodium perfluorooctanesulfonate, etc. Because of the high price, the application of these surfactants is limited.

Chinese Name: fluorine surfactant

Foreign name: fluorinated surface (FSA)

Application scope of fluorosurfactant:

Leveling agent, pigment dispersant and emulsifier of water-based and solvent-based coatings. Widely used in coatings, inks, floor waxes, pesticides, electronic cleaning, electroplating agents and other products.

Application of fluorosurfactant in papermaking:

In the paper industry, fluorine surfactants are mainly used as paper coating aids and water and oil repellents.

With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements are put forward for the quality of paper and paperboard. Through paper coating, many surface properties of paper can be improved, such as printability, rust and corrosion resistance, water and oil resistance, antistatic, high strength, photographic development, recording and molding, conductivity and decoration. Coated paper can be divided into pigment coated paper, resin coated paper and special coated paper, among which pigment coated paper is a kind of processing paper made by coating pigment, adhesive and auxiliary ingredients on the surface of paper by coater. Fluorosurfactant has important application value in the process of paper coating and coating.


In order to prevent flocculation and sedimentation of the coating and keep the viscosity of the coating as low as possible, so as to obtain good fluidity and coating adaptability, surfactant must be used as dispersant. In order to improve the speed and energy saving of the coating locomotive, it is necessary to use the coating with high solid content. As a kind of surfactant with excellent performance, fluorine surfactant is an ideal paint dispersant because of its little dosage and excellent effect.


After the coating is made, foam will be produced in the process of pump, screen and coating. The coating will produce pinholes, spots and "fish eyes" phenomenon, thus reducing the quality of paper. Therefore, surfactant must be added as a defoamer. Fluorine surfactant can reduce the surface tension to a very low level and has excellent defoaming effect.


In the coating process, there is friction between the roller and the paper surface of the coater, which is easy to produce the phenomenon of "paste head". Therefore, surfactants should be added as lubricants. Because the intermolecular force of fluorine surfactant is very small, it is an ideal material for lubricant.

There are three ways to treat the paper with fluorosurfactant: one is the external type, which is to apply the fluorosurfactant on the surface of the paper directly; the other is the internal type, which is to add the fluorosurfactant in the pulping and then process it; the third is to add the fluorosurfactant on the paper coating, which is to add the fluorosurfactant on the paper before the color treatment In the coating, it is applied on the surface of paper together with the coating, and is firmly combined with the paper by the function of adhesive in the coating. This method can form a layer of water repellent and oil repellent oil layer on the surface of the paper, which is oriented outwards by fluoroalkyl, and can keep the original porosity, flexibility, permeability, appearance and wet strength of the paper, which is incomparable with that of the paper covered with plastic polyethylene film.


Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™) fluorosurfactant FS-10

Capstone® FS-10 is a colorless to light yellow liquid environmentally friendly anionic fluorosurfactant. Based on the stable structure of its six fluorocarbon molecules, PFOA and PFOS products harmful to the environment will not be decomposed during use, and it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance and strong oxidant resistance.

Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™ DuPont) Repellent ST-500

Capstone® Repellent ST-500 is an anionic fluoride solution that provides a permanent, non-film-forming, transparent waterproof and oil-proof protective barrier for porous mineral surfaces. Non-flammable, stable storage at room temperature.

Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™ RePont) Repellent ST-300


Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™ RePont) Repellent ST-200

Capstone® Repellent ST-200 is a solvent-based fluoride dispersant that provides a permanent, non-film-forming, transparent waterproof and oil-proof protective barrier for porous mineral surfaces.

Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™ RePont) Repellent ST-110

Capstone® Repellent ST-110 is a cationic liquid-like fluoride dispersant that provides a permanent, non-film-forming, transparent waterproof and oil-proof protective barrier for porous mineral surfaces. It is stable at room temperature.

Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™) fluorosurfactant FS-3100


Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™) fluorosurfactant FS-81

Capstone® FS-81 is a fluoropolymer, white to yellow aqueous latex paint resistant to stains and oil additives. It is used to improve the ease of cleaning of paints, making them resistant to oily dust and stains, and suitable for flat waterborne architectural paints and other latex paints.

Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™) fluorosurfactant FS-66

Capstone® FS-66 is an anionic surfactant, which is a brown waxy solid (may contain a small amount of mineral salt particles). Solvent-free, it is a very effective surface modification additive for solvent-based coating systems.

Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™) fluorosurfactant FS-64

Capstone® FS-64 is an aqueous anionic surfactant in the form of a yellow to amber liquid. Does not contain any VOC (volatile organic compounds). Provides excellent surface tension reduction performance, not only excellent performance, but also the use of renewable resources as raw materials, is an environmentally friendly surfactant.

Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™) fluorosurfactant FS-63

Capstone® FS-63 is an aqueous anionic surfactant that provides excellent surface tension-reducing performance with the lowest bubble rate. It can strengthen the wetting, dispersion, anti-blocking performance, and also control the surface flow.

Kemu ™ Capstone® (formerly DuPont ™) fluorosurfactant FS-61

Capstone® FS-61 is a water-based anionic surfactant that does not contain VOC and APEO and provides excellent surface tension reduction properties.

DuPont ™ Capstone® fluorosurfactant FS-60

Capstone® FS-60 is a yellow to amber water-based anionic surfactant that provides excellent surface tension properties with minimal foaming.

DuPont ™ Capstone® fluorosurfactant FS-51

Capstone® FS-51 is an amphoteric amine oxide fluorosurfactant, a clear amber liquid. Its main performance is that it can significantly reduce the surface tension of the aqueous liquid and help to provide continuous foam.

DuPont ™ Capstone® fluorosurfactant FS-50


DuPont ™ Capstone® fluorosurfactant FS-35


杜邦™ Capstone®62-MA工业中间体



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