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Overview of PEO resin

Polyethylene oxide (PEO), also known as polyethylene oxide, is a crystalline, thermoplastic, water-soluble polymer. The molecular weight of its industrial products can vary in a wide range. It can form complex with many organic low molecular compounds, polymers and some inorganic electrolytes. The inorganic compounds that can form complex with PEO include amine fluoride, sodium fluoride, bromine, iodine, potassium, halide of mercury, ammonium thiocyanate, potassium thiocyanate, etc. Due to its good water solubility, low toxicity and easy processing, PEO can be used for many purposes, such as water-soluble film, textile size, thickener, flocculant, lubricant, dispersant, aqueous drag reducer, cosmetic additive, antistatic agent, etc.

In terms of coating. PEO refers to a coating method.

PEO is the abbreviation of plasma electrochemical oxidation, which is used to produce metal oxide coating on the metal surface. This process can be used to grow oxide coatings up to tens or hundreds of microns thick, which are basically crystalline, such as oxide coatings of metals such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium. Because they present a high hardness and continuous barrier, these coatings provide protection against wear, corrosion or heat, and electrical insulation. The coating is chemically converted into its oxide on the substrate metal and grows inward and outward from the original metal surface. Because it is a conversion coating, rather than a deposited coating (such as a coating formed by plasma spraying), it has excellent adhesion to metal substrates.

Chinese Name: polyethylene oxide

Also known as: polyethylene oxide

Foreign name: polyphylene oxide

Short name: peo

Chemical name: polyethylene oxide (PEO)

Molecular formula: H - (- och2ch2 -) N-OH

Appearance: white granular powder (> 20 mesh)

Softening point: 65 ℃ - 67 ℃

Density: apparent density 0.2-0.3 (kg / L) true density 1.15-1.22 (kg / L)

PH value: neutral (0.5wt% aqueous solution) hongxiafeiix

Main uses of PEO resin

Due to its low toxicity and complete water solubility, excellent solution rheology, combination with organic solvents, low ash and thermoplastic, PEO has a broad application prospect (see Table 4).

Pharmaceutical industry

PEO aqueous solution is coated on the outer layer of the pill to make a controlled release drug, which has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It can control the diffusion speed of the pill components in the body and improve the efficiency of the pill. Due to the non-toxic and gelling properties of PEO, it can be used as a component of denture fixative, which can play a buffering role between denture and mouth, and also help to reduce unpleasant smell and taste. PEO aqueous solution is a kind of pseudoplastic liquid. The sensitivity of viscosity to shear rate can be used as contact lens solution, and bacteria can not easily grow on PEO to keep contact sterile.

Oil recovery mining

In the oil production industry, PEO can be added to the drilling mud to thicken and lubricate, improve the mud quality, control the fluid loss at the wall interface, and prevent the corrosion of acid and biology to the wall. The use of PEO solution can avoid the plugging of oil layer and the loss of valuable fluid, improve the oil field production and avoid the injection fluid penetrating into the oil layer.

In the mining industry, PEO is mainly used for ore washing and mineral flotation. When using low concentration PEO in coal washing, the suspended matter in coal can settle down quickly, and the flocculant can be recycled. In hydrometallurgy, clay materials such as kaolin and activated clay can be easily separated by high molecular weight PEO solution. In the process of metal purification, the dissolved silica can be effectively removed by PEO.

In addition, the complexation between PEO and mineral surface can help to wet the mineral surface and improve its lubricity and fluidity.

Light industry textile

PEO solution can be used as skin cleanser, such as detergent, hand soap, etc., which will make the skin soft and smooth. It can also be used as a component of toothpaste to obtain smooth and stable toothpaste. It also acts as a component of shaving cream, forming a thin film on the face to achieve a foam free shaving. The water absorbent tree made of PEO after crosslinking can be used for women's sanitary napkins and baby diapers. Because of its thickening and pseudoplasticity, PEO is also very useful in malt beverages such as beer industry to stabilize foam. When polyester, polyamide and polyolefin resin are melt spun, PEO can improve the antistatic and dyeability of the fiber.

Building materials industry

High molecular weight PEO is mainly used as dispersant in building materials and as concrete mixture reinforced by glass fiber. In addition, 0.2% ~ 0.4% high molecular weight PEO was added to the cement slurry. It can improve the water retention of slurry, greatly improve its transportability, inhibit the flying of dust and improve the production environment. PEO is also used as an additive for underwater cement.

Municipal Construction

Using the characteristics of high molecular weight PEO to reduce the fluid resistance, adding a small amount of PEO resin in the fire water pipe system can reduce the friction resistance of water management by up to 80%, which is conducive to the fire-fighting of long-distance objects and high-rise buildings. It can also be used to solve the problem of overload discharge of urban sewage. Adding high molecular weight PEO of appropriate concentration into some high-pressure jet systems will produce needle like high-speed jet, which can be used to cut some soft objects, such as cardboard, leather, rubber, fabric and partially solidified asbestos brake pads.


The medium molecular weight PEO resin can be processed into thermoplastic film, and then seeds are sandwiched between the two films to form film seeds


1PEO-1Z PEO polyethylene oxide ethylene oxide original imported genuine factory price direct sales

PEO-1Z is a non-ionic water-soluble resin, a high molecular weight white powder. The molecular weight of PEO-1Z is 150,000-400,000, under 25 ℃, the viscosity of 5% PEO-1Z aqueous solution is 50 ~ 200mpa.

PEO-27Z PEO polyethylene oxide original imported genuine factory price direct sales

The molecular weight of PEO-27Z is 6-8 million. At 25 ℃, the viscosity of 5% PEO-27Z aqueous solution is 600-800 mpa.s

PEO-18Z PEO polyethylene oxide original imported genuine factory price direct sales

The molecular weight of PEO-18Z is 430 ~ 4.8 million, and the viscosity of 5% PEO-18Z aqueous solution is 250 ~ 430mpa.s at 25 ℃

PEO-15Z PEO polyoxyethylene original imported genuine factory direct sales

The molecular weight of PEO-15Z is 3.3 ~ 3.8 million. At 25 ℃, the viscosity of 5% PEO-15Z aqueous solution is 130 ~ 250mpa.s

PEO-8Z PEO polyoxyethylene original imported genuine factory direct sales

The molecular weight of PEO-8Z is between 170 and 2.2 million. At 25 ° C, the viscosity of 5% PEO-8Z aqueous solution is between 20 and 70 mpa.s

PEO-4Z PEO polyethylene oxide original imported genuine factory price direct sales

The molecular weight of PEO-4Z is 1 million to 1.6 million. At 25 ° C, the viscosity of 5% PEO-4Z aqueous solution is 400 to 7000 mpa.s

PEO-3Z PEO polyoxyethylene original imported genuine factory price direct sales

The molecular weight of PEO-3Z is 60-1.1 million, and the viscosity of 5% PEO-3Z aqueous solution is 2500-5500mpa.s at 25 ℃

PEO-2Z PEO polyoxyethylene original imported genuine factory price direct sales

The molecular weight of PEO-2Z is 400,000 to 600,000. At 25 ℃, the viscosity of 5% PEO-2Z solution is 200 ~ 2500mpa.

PEO polyethylene oxide



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