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DuPont ™ Capstone® Fluorosurfactant FS-30

DuPont ™ Capstone® Fluorosurfactant FS-30

Capstone® FS-30 is a general-purpose water-soluble fluorine-containing polyoxyethylene ether nonionic surfactant, which can provide efficient surface activity at a very low dose.
Chinese Alias:
Fluorine surfactant, water-soluble fluorine-containing polyoxyethylene ether nonionic surfactant
English Name:
Capstone® FS-30,FS-30
DuPont, DuPont ™, chemours ™, Chemours
Water-based floor paint, floor wax and polishing wax, concentrated cleaning solution, water-based paint and water-based ink
Genuine guarantee

Genuine guarantee

Original original bag

Original original bag

15 days no reason to return

15 days no reason to return

imgboxbg Product description
Capstone® FS-30 is a general-purpose water-soluble fluorine-containing polyoxyethylene ether nonionic surfactant, which can provide efficient surface activity at a very low dose.
Capstone® FS-30 does not contain any VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), APEO (alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether), is not flammable, and is compatible with any ionic surfactant.
Capstone® FS-30 is stable in ordinary, acidic, salty and hard water environments.
Because it is stable in a wide range of pH environments, Capstone® FS-30 is an excellent wetting and leveling agent suitable for use in various aqueous systems.
Capstone® FS-30 can reduce the carry-out of electroplating tank applications to improve electroplating efficiency; used in various coating formulations to eliminate surface defects of paint films; also used in cleaning formulations to reduce surface tension.

Physical parameters

Appearance   yellow to brown liquid
pH         7-8.5
Density     1.08g / mL
Stability    Freezing stability. Shake well before use. It is stable under salty and other caustic conditions.
Solid      content 25% active ingredient 75% water
Surface Tension
Foaming performance
· Moderate to heavy foaming.
· Ross-Miles foam tube data (mL), 25 ℃, 0.1% active ingredient.
  Initial 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes
Water Solution
10% NaCl solution 115 112 110 109


Product performance


· Excellent wetting and leveling properties
· Good rewetting performance in multi-coating applications
· Reduce surface tension
· Compatible with hydrocarbon surfactants
Product recommendation information
If you are currently a user of DuPont ™ Zonyl® FS-300 and FSN, consider replacing it with Capstone® FS-30.



Water-based floor paint, floor wax and polishing wax
Provides wetting and leveling properties
· Provide repeated wetting properties in multi-layer coating applications
· Reduce shrinkage and increase dispersion rate
· Compatible with hydrocarbon surfactant
· The recommended dosage is 0.01-0.05% active ingredient
Concentrated cleaning solution
· Reduce surface tension, provide excellent wetting to enhance cleaning effect
· Provide better wetting and penetration, especially for dust and stains
· Recommended use amount is 0.005-0.1% active ingredient
Water-based paint and water-based ink
· Excellent wetting and leveling properties, reduce orange peel and extend open time
· The recommended dosage is 0.01-0.1% active ingredient
It is stable in salty and harsh (strong acid and strong alkali) environment and has excellent environment, and has excellent surface properties.
According to the test method OECD 301B or 67/548 / EEC Annex V.V.4-C, Capstone® FS-30 passes the test, that is, more than 60% of theoretical CO2 (ThCO2) is generated within 28 days.
DuPont DuPont DuPont DuPont ™ Capstone® Product Family
· Maximum product performance, minimum environmental pollution *.
· Equivalent to better product performance at the same fluorine content.
· The impurity content is greatly reduced, which is lower than the detection limit of the instrument **.
· Based on short-chain molecular technology, it will not be decomposed into PFOA in the environment.
· A lot of in-depth laboratory data support.
· Comply with the requirements of EU regulations "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals" (REACH).
· Comply with the US Toxic Substances Management Act (TSCA).
· Polymer Exemption Rule does not apply.
· Meet the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the PFOA voluntary environmental protection plan 2010/2015.



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