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What are the applications of chemical materials in life?

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Bronze will "rust" when left in the air for a long time. Copper will be oxidized into black copper oxide in humid air. The copper oxide on the surface of the copperware will continue to interact with carbon dioxide in the air to produce a layer of green basic copper carbonate CuCO3 • Cu (OH) 2

Domestic waterway transportation management regulations?

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Article 1 In order to regulate the management of the domestic water transportation market, maintain the legitimate rights and interests of all parties involved in water transportation operations, and promote the healthy development of the water transportation business, these regulations are formulated in accordance with the "Regulations on the Management of Domestic Water Transportation".

Interpreting central enterprises' "going out" with life?

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On the afternoon of November 25th, at the entrance of the office lobby of China Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Earth Group) affiliated to Tiejian, photos of Zhou Tian wanted to work in Africa were continuously playing on the black and white silver screen. White magnolia flowers and donation boxes, the whole hall looks solemn.

Scientists have discovered a new high-throughput organic synthesis method?

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The research team of Dong Jiajia, a researcher of the Key Laboratory of Organic Fluorination, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, discovered a safe and efficient direct synthesis of azide compounds from a large number of available primary amine compounds during the search for new SuFEx reaction blocks Library method. On October 3, the work was published in Nature by the title of "Modular Click Compound Library Based on a Diazo Transfer Reagent for Functional Screening"

Is green chemistry in the plastic age really something or hype?

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The best answer The impact of human activities on the climate and environment is now the mainstream topic. Until now, humans have been considered the main influence on ecosystems and geology, so much so that there is a popular term called "anthropocene". In the human world, our biggest challenge is how to reduce the impact on the earth, mainly the consumption of fossil fuels and the misuse of plastic products. In this context, many products, from fuel, automobiles, skin care products to clothing, are now labeled as "green", "degradable" or "organic".

Axalta Polymer Powders visit

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On May 29, 2013, Guangzhou, Ms. Blomert, the general manager of Axalta Polymer Powders, visited and took a group photo with Mr. Yang Youhua, chairman of Jianyi Chemicals.

Visit Spain Mina Chemical Technology

Chemical production perseverance
On October 10, 2013, in Barcelona, Spain, Yang Youhua, Chairman of Fortitude Chemicals, and Liu Yong, Marketing Manager, visited Menadiona. In order to welcome us, Mr. Coson, chairman of Menadiona, raised the five-star red flag for the first time.
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